Edge Nutrition Honest Pricing Policy

My dream was to create educational and empowering courses for current and future dietitians, launching them into an extraordinary, fulfilling career space. I did that, and now I want to share these courses with the world.

I love teaching solid, evidence-based content, but my true passion is being a cheerleader for dietetic interns. I want my Crash Courses to be available to every internship, so I keep my prices honest and transparent.

Here’s the deal: if you want your interns to walk into their clinical rotations with confidence and competence, impress their preceptors, positively represent your program, and be competitive candidates for clinical jobs, I want to help. I’ll provide a pricing proposal based on what I know about you, your program, and your interns. If that price feels good, that’s what you pay. If the price doesn’t feel good, we’ll have a longer conversation about the specific needs of your program, and settle on a price that works for you. 

I commit to being honest and transparent, you commit to valuing my skills and expertise. This kind of pricing arrangement is uncommon, but it just makes sense. I want to do good in the world, and change lives. I want to spread joy, and encourage people to be the best version of themselves, every single day. Won’t you join me? 

Sara Griffin, MS, RDN, CNSC | March 7, 2022



This policy was inspired by Lightward, Inc. and is licensed as a Creative Commons 4.0 licence