Competency Quiz

Want to test your clinical nutrition knowledge? This competency quiz is the perfect place to start. You can take this quiz at any time, as many times as you'd like, for free. Go ahead, jump right in.

What is the threshold for osmolarity in a PPN?

Which line(s) would be appropriate for CPN? Select all that apply.

What might you recommend for your ICU patient with a history of aspiration during NGT feeds?

Your 85 year old patient with a history of dysphagia is NPO for days after a bowel resection. Diet is unable to advance due to a post-op ileus. You recommend CPN, which runs for 5 days until the ileus resolves. The central line is pulled. The patient then fails speech evaluation due to dysphagia. What would you do first?

True or false: artificial nutrition and hydration significantly improve wound healing at the end of life.

Your ICU patient suffered a heart attack yesterday and is now on 0.5 mcg/kg/min of levophed. The doctor wants to start nutrition support. What would you do first?

Your patient has liver disease and is on lactulose BID. 24 hours after starting enteral nutrition, the patient begins to have diarrhea. The patient has 3-4 episodes of diarrhea a day for 48 hours. The doctor asks you to stop enteral feeds due to diarrhea. What is your evidence-based recommendation?

Your patient is receiving 12 ml/hr of propofol. How many calories does this contribute?

Which of the following is true about gastric residual volumes (GRVs)?

What is a rare, but significant, complication of feeding fiber to a hemodynamically unstable patient?

What is the equation to calculate glucose infusion rate (GIR)?

The lipid portion of most PN orders is primarily

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