The Dietitian Power Course

This mini-course teaches advocating & negotiation skills to dietitians. You’ll learn how to create a career roadmap, 1, 5 & 10 year plans, and dream BIG about your future. Whether you’ve been a dietitian for a long time or are new to the industry, this course is for you.

Ditch frustration, aimlessness, and toxic office culture for an extrordinary and fulfilling career space.

This virtual course is the only one of its kind. It includes:

  • Over three hours of video lectures
  • Self-paced workbook and “homework” to complete while on the job
  • E-book with all the resources you need to start your journey

Sara Griffin, MS, RDN, CNSC is a currently practicing clinical dietitian specializing in critical care nutrition and nutrition support. She has precepted dozens of interns, and has received accolades for her precepting work. Sara was selected as Colorado Dietitian of the Year, and was recently nominated for an Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Excellence in Practice award. She is a Duke Clinical Nutrition Fellowship student, a mom, and a teacher. 

Sara has found incredible work/life balance on the other side of a job that, at times, seemed to go nowhere. She wants to share her tips to enhance and encourage your professional career and make more money as a dietitian.

Our industry is in desperate need of an attitude adjustment. Are you ready?

Coming Fall 2024