Nutrition Support Skills Course

This course is built for dietetic interns, clinical dietitians, and dietitians who want to work in clinical nutrition. It’s also a fantastic place to start your CNSC exam study prep.

This virtual course includes:

  • ✨15 CPEs for Registered Dietitians ✨
  • Thirteen video lectures (12 hours) – pretend a clinical preceptor or mentor dietitian is sitting down to teach you nutrition support.
    • Module 1: How to get the most out of this course
    • Module 2: Advocating for yourself and your patients
    • Module 3 (NEWLY UPDATED): Nutrition support ethics
    • Module 4 (NEW): Refeeding syndrome risk
    • Module 5: Enteral nutrition indications and access
    • Module 6: Enteral nutrition formulas
    • Module 7: Enteral nutrition calculations
    • Module 8: Enteral nutrition problem solving and miscellaneous
    • Module 9: Parenteral indications, access and compilation
    • Module 10: Parenteral nutrition calculations
    • Module 11: Parenteral nutrition monitoring and problem solving
    • Module 12: Medications in nutrition support
    • Module 13: Nutrition support for the COVID-19 patient
  • Four competency quizzes with auto-grade and completion certificates: 
    • Pre-course quiz
    • Enteral nutrition quiz
    • Parenteral nutrition quiz
    • Post-course quiz
  • Eight enteral and parenteral nutrition case study-style worksheets with step-by-step video answer keys (this is something very unique about my course. Rather than throwing answer keys at you, I explain the nuances behind each case study, to help you see patients as a whole and understand the art, as well as the science, of nutrition support)
  • Three vocabulary sheets with thorough explanations 
  • Evidence-based resource guide with all of my favorite nutrition support articles to fill your digital clinical library
  • Unique EN and PN access images showing you exactly where tubes and IVs are placed
  • ✨NEW: Enteral Nutrition Decision Tree. This landmark document walks you through objective measures to assess whether or not your ICU patient is safe to feed. Using the latest evidence-based guidelines, I give you a system to accurately assess each patient and provide ethical, safe nutrition support. No more waiting “just one more day” to feed your patient because you’re unsure or worried. 

Empowerment is a crucial part of this course. Finish the course empowered with the knowledge and confidence to advocate for your patients and yourself every 👏 single 👏 day 👏. A whole module of the Nutrition Support Skills Course is dedicated to this topic, complete with tips from a seasoned clinical dietitian to help you live your best professional life.

The intern course is designed for dietetic interns. If you are at the very end of your internship or RD-eligible, please purchase the dietitian course. The intern course is not eligible for CPEs.
The dietitian course is designed for credentialed dietitians. If you are at the very end of your internship or RD-eligible, this course is the best option for you. The Dietitian course is eligible for 15 CPEs.
All students receive 18-month access to online portal. All printed resources, and all the knowledge and empowerment you gain, are yours for life.
If you can’t afford the course, email me and we’ll work something out. I use a modified version of this Honest Pricing Policy for individual courses.

SOLD SEPARATELY: 60-page starter binder with full-color copies of enteral nutrition formulary, all worksheets, vocabulary sheets, vocabulary answer keys and evidence-based resources. Free gifts to help you study 🎁 including my beloved “Dietitians are Vital AF” sticker. Binder ships for free to contiguous US.