Options for Dietetic Internships

The Nutrition Support Skills Course can be purchased at a bulk discount for your intern cohort. All content is online and can be completed by individual interns at their own pace. Quizzes automatically grade and interns receive a completion certificate for each quiz, and after course completion.
This course can count for alternative supervised practice hours. The video lectures can meet several CRDNs and a synchronous environment can be created where interns complete case studies and quizzes under the guidance of our founder. As a credentialed and experienced clinical RDN, Sara can review intern work and provide authentic feedback. Sara can also host virtual case studies to provide an enriched experience.
The Nutrition Support Skills course is offered at a bulk discount if you purchase it for your cohort of interns.*  Sara will gladly send you samples of course materials for your review prior to purchasing. 

*starter binder not included in group packages; all information will be sent for printing and assembling on-site