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Edge Nutrition materials were inspired by and created especially for dietetic interns but their reach expands outside the confines of an internship. New RDNs seeking to build clinical competence and confidence or anyone transitioning into the clinical or long term care world would benefit from our courses. If you are job-searching and having a hard time standing out, a nutrition support course is a great thing to add to your resume. If the CNSC credential is in your future, our nutrition support skills course is the perfect place to start. If you are on the pathway to become a dietitian (pre-internship) and want to get ahead of the game, Edge Nutrition courses will get you there.

Yes! Upon course completion, students who are Registered Dietitians can fill out a brief form and claim 15 CPE credits.

After purchasing the course or receiving access through a school or internship program, students will log in on this website with a unique username and password. Modules, videos and resources will be available online on this portal for 18 months. Students will also receive a starter binder with hard copies of study materials, which will be mailed to them prior to starting the course. 

Let’s face it, students like to share materials. We all do it. Our courses are uniquely designed to fill a specific need and in order to continually improve, it is important we keep our videos off free sites such as YouTube and out of your email inbox. Students who purchase materials independently or through a school or internship program will have access to the videos for 18 consecutive months, unless an extended arrangement has been made. The binder, worksheets, quizzes, vocabulary, study notes and everything else we send you is yours for life. In order to keep our pricing reasonable, nothing may be copied, reproduced, shared or distributed, whether inside or outside of the 18-month time frame. Seriously.

Awesome! Edge Nutrition partners with several schools and dietetic internship programs. 

The Nutrition Support Skills course is offered at a bulk discount if you purchase it for your cohort of interns. The Clinical Skills Crash Course and Edge Review are also available at a discount for internships who purchase the material on an annual basis. Sara will gladly send you samples of all materials for your review prior to completing a purchasing contract.

These curricula can count for alternative supervised practice hours. The video lectures can meet several CRDNs and a synchronous environment can be created where interns complete case studies and quizzes under the guidance of our founder. As a credentialed and experienced clinical RDN, Sara can review intern work and provide authentic feedback. Sara can also host virtual case studies and review student presentations.

If you have interns who wish to pursue a career in clinical dietetics, interns who struggle in their clinical rotations, or interns whose rotations were shortened due to the pandemic, we’re here for you. 

Send Sara a direct message here and we can discuss partnership opportunities. 

The competency quiz is an opportunity for learners to assess their current knowledge. It is free and available 24/7. Anyone can take the quiz at any time, as many times as they like. After submitting answers, you will receive an assessment of your answers. This assessment helps you decide whether you would benefit from further review, such as using our Nutrition Support Skills course.

The questions on this quiz are based on scenarios you may encounter with patients in a clinical environment. The Nutrition Support Skills course teaches the answer to all of these questions and many more. 

For schools and dietetic internship programs, competency quiz assessments can be sent directly to the program director. If more formative assessment is desired, Sara can administer a virtual competency quiz and thorough review of answers with your students after they complete the Nutrition Support Skills course. 

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Enteral (think feeding tubes) and parenteral (think nutrition through the veins) nutrition make up what is referred to as nutrition support. But, there is a lot more to it than just a tube or IV. These life-saving therapies are widely used across the globe in critically ill patients, children and adults with swallowing issues, those with cancer, gastrointestinal issues and more. Sometimes, these feeding tubes and IVs are temporary and sometimes people rely on them for years. Because Registered Dietitian Nutritionists often prescribe nutrition support and follow patients and clients over time, it is important for them to have a good understanding of the intricacies of nutrition support.

RDNs are experts in food and nutrition. They have completed a Bachelor’s degree, over a thousand hours of supervised practice (“the internship”) and many also have additional credentials such as a master’s degree. Read more here.