Nutrition Support Crash Course Post-Test

Nutrition Support Crash Course Post Test

Complete this form after your Nutrition Support Crash Course live lecture. Looking up answers is prohibited. A summary of scores will be sent to your program director. Complete answers, and explanations to the answers, are available inside the full Nutrition Support Skills Course, with user purchase.

How confident do you feel, right now, about your nutrition support skills?
Which of the following alone is an appropriate reason to hold EN?
Which of the following are contraindications to EN? Select all that apply
What might you recommend for your ICU patient with a history of aspiration during NGT feeds?
How many calories are there in 1 gram of dextrose?
Which line(s) would be appropriate for TPN? Select all that apply
Where does a correctly placed PICC line terminate?
What is the primary source of lipid in standard ILE?
At which triglyceride level would you consider removing ILE from a PN order?
Your 85kg patient is receiving 250 g dextrose via continuous TPN. What is the GIR of this TPN?
Your patient has a G-J tube. Which of the following are true:
Which nutrient should you not feed your patient on vasopressors?