About Edge Nutrition

Edge Nutrition was founded by Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Sara Griffin, who took her sweet time finding her way into clinical dietetics. Frustrated by a lack of personal confidence in her clinical dietetic rotation, intimidated by the hospital atmosphere, and empowered by witnessing badass female dietitians employ evidence-based principles, she set out to create the first nutrition support curriculum of its kind: one that not only educates but empowers dietetic interns, entry-level RDNs and anyone wanting to make the switch to clinical dietetics. Come on a journey with me and build your confidence and competence in this field. I can’t promise this journey will be easy, but I can promise it will be worth your time.


Sara found a passion for dietetics through food, as many do, and completed her undergraduate studies in Chicago. After managing restaurants for a year, she took the plunge and applied to internships out of state. She landed her first choice internship – a public health program in sunny Colorado. Here, Sara gained a passion for preventative, ethical medicine. She began working as an inpatient clinical dietitian at an acute care hospital in Denver and completed a master’s degree in human nutrition at Colorado State University. Along the way, she picked up an advanced credential, Certified Nutrition Support Clinician, and won a Young Dietitian of the Year award from the Colorado Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for her precepting work. 

Sara has precepted over a dozen interns and loves empowering her students to crush their goals. She continues to practice inpatient dietetics and also teaches nutrition classes at a local community college. Sara believes in the importance of examining personal biases, creating equity in the classroom, and empowering students of color to be successful in the dietetics profession.  

In her spare time, Sara enjoys urban gardening, baking sourdough bread and living a low-waste lifestyle. She loves a good chat about fiber and the microbiome. You can connect with her professionally on LinkedIn