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Edge Nutrition sells the only self-paced nutrition support course that educates and empowers dietitians. Built by a nutrition support expert and seasoned clinical preceptor who regularly practices clinical nutrition, Edge’s Nutrition Support Skills Course provides relevant, up-to-date clinical nutrition content. Say goodbye to dense textbooks, boring webinars, and case studies that make no sense!

Meet Your Instructor

Sara Griffin, MS, RDN, CNSC is a currently practicing clinical dietitian specializing in critical care nutrition & nutrition support. 

She has precepted dozens of interns, and has received accolades for her precepting work. Sara was selected as Colorado Dietitian of the Year, and has been recently nominated for an Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Excellence in Practice award. She is a CDR-certified CPEU provider. Learn more about what sets Sara apart from other clinical instructors here.

The Nutrition Support Skills course has helped current and future dietitians thrive in Denver CO, Salem MA, Washington D.C., Sacramento CA, Seattle WA, Los Angeles CA, Philadelphia PA, El Paso TX, New York City, Ontario Canada, and Abu Dhabi. 

Columbia, SC
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“The strength is definitely how well the information is broken down and presented and explained in a way that makes it easy to explain. When I was being taught this in my internship, I felt it was rushed and just assumed that we would understand (Especially PN) magically one day. But this course broke it down the way I needed it to to truly understand it.”
Washington, D.C.
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"I am a long-term care RD and I was in desperate need of a comprehensive course to get me up to speed on nutrition support after transitioning from my previous role as a WIC RD. At the start of my position, I had only 2 days of training before I was expected to manage a building with more than 10 tube feeders on my own. I found it difficult to find resources that covered the basics of nutrition support. Edge Nutrition was truly a godsend. It was an interesting and informative course that gave me the brush up I needed to be successful in my role. I am feeling empowered & confident in managing my TPN and EN patients after completing this course. I highly recommend it!"
Denver, CO
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"I truly couldn't recommend Edge Clinical Nutrition more. I used this course to resharpen many of the clinical skills that had dulled since I completed my internship to make me a more competitive candidate for the clinical roles I was applying for. I am certain it helped me land a job as a clinical RD since I was asked about how I kept on top of my clinical skills and I specifically mentioned Edge Clinical Nutrition—a course created and taught by an ICU dietitian! I found the lectures on tube feeding so useful I have watched them twice. The content is engaging, informative, and empowering. The flow and structure of the modules, study materials, and lectures is well thought out and executed and the binder is full of useful materials and lots of encouragement from its creator, Sara. There are topical and helpful real life anecdotes with a good dose of humor throughout. Overall, it was challenging, educational, and I found it to be incredibly valuable in helping me achieve my goal of becoming a clinical RD! I will refer back to many of the resources and references provided for years to come."
Sacramento, CA
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"Taking Edge Clinical was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I took the course right before starting my first job as a clinical dietitian and it has helped me immensely. The course provided me with confidence and knowledge I couldn't have obtained just from my internship. Sara is also great at explaining each concept, her explanations were detailed and easy to follow. I cannot recommend this course enough for those who are looking to become a clinical dietitian or is a dietetic intern."
Loveland, CO
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"I spent my first year as a dietitian working in WIC, and when I switched to inpatient clinical, I desperately needed something to help me refresh my clinical knowledge and confidence. When I interviewed for the new position, a clinical nutrition quiz was required. Had I not purchased the course prior to the quiz, I would have been completely stumped by most of the questions. The course gave me confidence for not only the quiz, but my daily practice as a clinical dietitian. I highly recommend this excellent course!"
Brooklyn, NY
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"I had a wonderful experience with this course. It reinforced my knowledge regarding enteral nutrition, and opened up the doors to make me feel more confident with parenteral nutrition (PN), which was the very reason I invested."
El Paso, TX
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"Multiple case scenarios were included. Each [module] included evidence based articles to help with learning and a resource for us to use during our practice."
Laramie, WY
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"I see a lot of refeeding risk here at my hospital and I thought she explained the recommended guidelines for this state well. I intend to make a nutrition fact sheet to keep in my clip board of easy to forget nuggets of information if I stumble on my words when talking to family or a provider."
San Francisco, CA
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"The whole course was valuable. I was able to obtain resources and answers to possible situations that occur in the clinical setting. I find the PN & EN management courses very significant for critical care RDs."
Bozeman, MT
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“For me, the most valuable part was the parenteral nutrition. I had just started a clinical job when I started this and felt familiar with most of the enteral nutrition information. However, I had never felt too comfortable with PN And this helped me understand it much better than I had before.”
Milwaukee, WI
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“I found this course SO valuable! I really enjoyed reading through all the articles before the units (although that was the most time consuming). But the units on EN problem solving, Advocating for your patients and yourself, and nutrition support ethics were my favorite.”

Did you know nutrition support dietitians are among the highest paid dietitians in the clinical world?

It’s true. The dietetics space is changing rapidly, and dietitians who want to be paid what they’re worth need to specialize. Nutrition support expertise, with or without CNSC, can earn you more. Make more money as a clinical dietitian by taking my Nutrition Support Skills Course.

Nutrition Support Competency Questions

Does every diabetic patient need a diabetic formula? What types of renal formulas are available? What is a peptide-based formula? What are the pros and cons of concentrated formulas? These and many more questions are answered in the Nutrition Support Skills course. Best of all, I break down enteral nutrition calculations into simple, straightforward lessons so even if you’re not a math whiz, you will quickly become proficient at busting out a tube feeding order. 

If the gut works, use it. Sounds simple enough, but indications and contraindications for parenteral nutrition are often confusing. I dedicate several modules of the Nutrition Support Skills course to parenteral nutrition and delve into all the details of PPN, CPN and intravenous access. 

This is a loaded question. The short answer is maybe and the long answer is seriously complicated. I explain it all in the Nutrition Support Skills course. 

It’s no surprise that fiber is my favorite topic. This functional little nutrient is so crucial, but can be dangerous for some patients at some points in critical illness. A thorough understanding of the benefits of fiber and the situations where we need to use caution is so important for the nutrition professional.